Friday, 20 May 2011

Quest for Immortality: Egyptian artifacts tour Far East

More than 100 items from the Egyptology collection of Bolton Museum, Lancashire, UK, part of an exhibition which tour China and Taiwan for up to two years.

The exhibition - called Quest for Immortality — The Bolton Museum Collection, which will tour China and Taiwan for up to two years.

Bolton's mayor Noel Spencer will accompany museum curator Dr Carolyn Routledge and the council’s director of development and regeneration, Keith Davies, on a five-day trip to Taiwan, which has been funded by Denmark-based, United Exhibits Group (UEG) and will also be used as a chance to build trade links with the Far East.

Bolton’s Egyptology collection dates back to the 1880s when Egyptologist Annie Barlow, daughter of a mill owner from the town, donated a mummy and other items.

You may remember that it was Bolton Council that bought the 20-inch Princess Amarna in 2003 after it was authenticated as 3,300 years old by the Egyptology department at Christie's and the British Museum. In fact, the figurine of the granddaughter of King Tutankhamun was crafted by master forger Shaun Greenhalgh in his garden shed in just three weeks. 

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