Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The banned Egyptologist: Dr Joann Fletcher

She's discovered the mummy of the most important woman in Ancient Egyptian history - but is now banned from conducting expeditions in the country - and she's from Barnsley - Dr Joann Fletcher talks about life as an Egyptologist and how her beloved South Yorkshire mining town is more connected with Ancient Egypt than one would think

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  1. Hi if Joann is still ban from Egypt ,it is Egypt lose .properly the best Egyptologist we hav , she makes the history come alive and we can understand what she is explaining to us . kind regards Mervyn

  2. I would like for Ms. Fletcher to give me her opinion on what I wrote about the Ancient Egyptian Queens. “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”

  3. I don't think this has something to do with "elite" vs. humble-countryside-origins. Mrs. Fletcher is just a sensationalist TV-"Egyptologist" (not present in the actual scientific landscape). To ban her from research in the Valley of the Kings is no loss to science...


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