Monday, 6 December 2010

Open University Egyptology course with British Museum

A new course from the Open University, Art and Life in ancient Egypt: the Nebamun wall paintings, produced in collaboration with the British Museum, explores the tomb-chapel paintings of Nebamun, allows you to study the individual paintings in great detail and analyse them from an art historical perspective. The course explores what we can learn from these works of art about the social life of the period, and the problems they pose for modern viewers.

The online course draws on the British Museum’s research and gives you the opportunity to study closely these paintings and other contemporaneous ancient Egyptian artefacts from the collection. The course will enable you to find out about the meanings of Egyptian art, why it took the form it did, and what it can tell us about the conditions of life in Ancient Egypt.

The course will take 30-40 hours to study.

The Open University

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