Monday, 28 November 2011

Unwrapped: The Story of a Child Mummy

After walking through centuries of ancient Egyptian history at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, the visitor is finally confronted with a strange, disconcerting – and oftentimes difficult to fathom – box containing 111 vertical panes of glass.

Closer inspection reveals it to be not only a challenging and innovative piece of contemporary art, but also the start of a journey – one that will shake-up your entire perspective on the old-hat Egyptian exhibitions that we have seen in so many institutions.

Angela Palmer, the contemporary artist best known for her work Ghost Forest in Trafalgar Square, was the pioneer of this journey. Her piece Unwrapped: The Story of a Child Mummy, haunts the final gallery of the new Egypt and Nubia wing, and is currently complimented by a temporary exhibition documenting the story of the artist and her muse – a mummified and beautifully preserved two year old boy

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