Friday, 14 October 2011

Ashmolean Museum: Egypt meets Greece and Rome

The massive project of redisplaying a selection of the 40,000 artefacts in the Oxford's Ashmolean Museum’s world-renowned Egyptian collections is in its closing stages. The Egypt galleries re-open to the public on Saturday, 26th November following a £5 million makeover – the galleries undergoing complete remodelling and refurbishment since closure in September 2010

And November's issue of Oxfordshire Limited Edition magazine will be writing about the 6th gallery - ‘Egypt meets Greece and Rome'.

This gallery covers the final phase of ancient Egyptian history, beginning after Alexander the Great of Macedon had conquered much of Egypt, releasing the country from Persian rule, and founding the city of Alexandria. After his death in 323 BC, a general of Alexander’s declared himself king - as Ptolemy I.

Thus began the Ptolemaic dynasty, ruling Egypt for nearly three centuries. Ptolemaic rule ended with Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony defeated by Octavian (subsequently the first Roman emperor Augustus) at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. Egypt then became a province of the Roman Empire.

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