Friday, 19 August 2011

Ancient Egyptians believed in coiffure after death

Ancient Egyptians wouldn't be caught dead without hair gel. Style in the afterlife was just as important as it was during life on Earth – and coiffure was key.

To this end, men and women alike would have their tresses styled with a fat-based "gel" when they were embalmed. The evidence of their vanity has been found in a community cemetery dating back 3000 years.

Tomb paintings depict people with cone-shaped objects sitting on their heads, thought to be lumps of scented animal fat. "Once we started looking [for these], we found interesting hairstyles," says Natalie McCreesh of the University of Manchester, UK. "The hair was styled and perfectly curled."

See New Scientist or
Ancient Egyptians Styled Their Hair for the Afterlife (Geekosystem).

Nature News: Ancient Egyptians used 'hair gel': Mummy analysis finds that fat-based product held styles in place

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