Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What are 'mysterious' red markings at Great Pyramid?

The recent discovery of hieroglyphic symbols rendered in red paint inside a secret chamber at Egypt's Great Pyramid, as well as lines in the stone that may have been made by masons when the chamber was being built.

That's the view of Peter Der Manuelian, Philip J. King Professor of Egyptology at Harvard University. He adds: The big question is the purpose of these tunnels," he added. "There are architectural explanations, symbolic explanations, religious explanations - even ones relating to the alignment of the stars --but the final word on them are yet to be written. The challenge is that no human can fit inside these channels so the only way to do this exploration is with robots."

The markings have been unseen by human eyes for 4,500 years. The images were captured with a bendy camera small enough to fit through a hole in a stone door at the end of a narrow tunnel.

For more see Catholic Online

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