Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Visit the Temple of Horus: a 3D archaeological visualisation

This impressive tour of the Temple of Horos was created by UK programmers MellaniuM using its UNREAL gaming engine for 3D rendering of architectural prototypes. In the future it will be possible for schools, colleges and universities to have field trips online to 3D representations of ancient monuments, including those from Egypt to Greece and Rome.

Joe Rigby, from MellaniuM, Preston, Lancashire, tells me: "The Temple of Horus is a an example of what is possible."

Click HERE to read 'On rendering 3D archaeological visualisation' in which Joe and his colleagues Mark Melaney and Ken Rigby explain how this exciting new technology works.


  1. Everyone can visit and experience by clicking on this link http://wa692.avayalive.com The plug-in and 3D environment will download on your PC and you will appear in the Temple as an avatar.

  2. The symposium on preservation of such visualisations is on June 16 in KCL! www.pocos.org


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