Monday, 23 May 2011

Herbal medicine in Ancient Egypt

Civilization in Ancient Egypt was not only the pyramids and tombs, but it involved all aspects of human life. Health and wellbeing was one of the most cared arts by the pharaohs, says N. H. Aboelsoud of the Department of Complementary Medicine Researches and Applications National Research Center- Cairo, Egypt.

Health and well being was one of the most cared arts by the pharaohs. Both the physicians and magicians participated in the field of medical care. From holistic view they conceived health and sickness as an unceasing fight between good and evil. Most of the complementary medicine modalities were originated from ancient Egyptians. One of these modalities is herbal medicine.

Read the full article ( originally published in Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 4(2), pp. 082-086, 18 January, 2010) HERE

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