Saturday, 29 January 2011

Egyptian Museum - and King Tut's mask - near focus of Cairo protests

Fast-moving developments are bringing tens of thousands of anti-government protesters into Cairo's Tahrir Square, not far from the Egyptian Museum, where many of the nation's most treasured antiquities are stored.

Conflicting reports out of Cairo, now in its fifth day of turmoil, say that either protesters or the military or both have largely secured the museum -- although in a chaotic situation such as this, the cultural treasure cannot be said to be out of the woods until the unrest finally settles. (Unconfirmed reports note damage to two mummies within the building, and CNN showed film Saturday morning of some shattered display cases.)

Read more: Los Angeles Times

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  1. Also some artifacts are been destroyed or damaged, unfortunately....Like two little, but unique, statues of Tutankhamon tresure: the one with the King on a panther and the one with the King on a papyrus boat


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