Wednesday, 10 November 2010

'Unique' astronomical object reveals Ancient Egyptians kept close tabs on the The Plough (Big Dipper)

New research has revealed that the Ancient Egyptians had a great interest in the The Plough (Big Dipper) constellation, going so far as to track the change in its orientation over the course of a year.

This onstellation is composed of seven stars and is easily viewable in the northern hemisphere. Its shape looks like a ladle with a scoop attached. Ancient Egyptians represented it as an ox’s foreleg.

Professor Sarah Symons, of McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, carried out the new research. She presented her results on Sunday at an Egyptology symposium in Toronto . The star table she analyzed is located inside the lid of a 2,400 year old granite sarcophagus, constructed in the shape of a bull, which is now in the Egyptian Museum.

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