Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Guess the obelisk

It's time to test your knowledge of the Egyptian obelisks. Twenty-nine ancient Egyptian obelisks - which symbolized the sun god Ra - are known to have survived, plus the 'unfinished obelisk' found partly hewn from its quarry at Aswan. These obelisks are now dispersed around the world, and less than half of them remain in Egypt.

So the question is this: where is this obelisk (pictured below) to be found today? Add your answer to the comment section of this post. The competition - will remain open until I decided to close it (probably Friday) - and there is no prize.

Add your answer to the comment section of this post and visit again on Friday to see if you were right.


  1. Looks like the obelisk of Urbino, Italy. It dates from c 580 BC and was taken to Rome in 1737. More here:

  2. Aha - now edited my profile so that my name appears! What do you mean 'No Prize'?

  3. The prize is that warm glow of satisfaction about being right (not that I'm saying you are right). We'll have to wait until Friday.

    Have a great day. Are there any obelisks in The Netherlands?

  4. No obelisks that I'm aware of, but the Netherlands does have its own pyramid!

  5. Rome would be my guess- they have 13 or so if my memory serves me right.


  6. Hello, Stuart. Thanks for the visit. I'll post the answer on Friday. I visited this place while on holiday last year. I wasn't expecting an obelisk so I was quite surprised when I turned a corner and there it was.

    Meanwhile, others might like to visit Stuart"s Hatshepsut Project at



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