Friday, 4 June 2010

Volume 21. Number 2 summer issue of KMT is now available

Features Include: Tutankhamen’s Family Ties Full of Knots by Dennis Forbes; So, What’s Become of the Golden Cartouche? by Dennis Forbes; The King Is Dead. How Long Lived the King? by Dylan Bickerstaffe; KV63: 2020 Season by Otto Schaden; “Mysterious Tomb 63” & the Art of Susan Osgood by Michael Höveler-Müller & Dancia Fendel; The “Other” Unfinished Obelisk by Michael R. Jenkins; Egypt at Zagreb by Lucy Gordan-Rastelli; Giant of Egyptology No. 24: Edward R. Ayrton; The Sacred Cats of Bastet by Jody Neal.

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